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General log home industry facts

Tuesday, January 31st, 2006

Janet Eastman wrote a surprisingly informative article for Los Angeles Times. You can read the article over here.

Her basic notions (for those who are busy) are:

1. 25.000 upscale log homes are built every year in U.S.
2. Nowadays log homes are convenient dwellings.
3. The average cost of log home tallies up to 120 USD per square foot but high cost areas like mountains can hoist the average up to 500 USD.
4. Typical size for a log home is 2.000 square feet.
5. Log home building technology has improved and log home quality has therefore improved.

Log home retirement dream

Tuesday, January 31st, 2006

St. Petersburg Times (no, I am not talking about that Russian city) had an inspirational story of a couple that is going for a dream log home. Alvin and Brenda Magnon are already retired but they have big plans for their coming 4.800-square-foot log home (just think of the sheer size of it).

Alvin and Brenda have chosen Log Home Pioneers to custom-built their dream log home. Tom Hendrickson from Log Home Pioneers says that the building will take at least a year – nobody claimed that it is easy to reach your dreams. Tom started with log homes after noticing strong demand on the field. Now he is delivering six to ten log home dreams a year. In order to read the complete story, click here.

Builder defect data

Wednesday, January 25th, 2006

Quality Built, risk management and quality assurance services company, released new construction industry quality assurance data. Results show that builders could prevent most of losses that are related with constructor’s risks by better following building code requirements and installation instructions.

Any home construction project can use the findings that Quality Built has achieved. To make their case bit more appealing, their research shows that single-family homes average bit over five thousand U.S. dollars in corrected defects. It is possible to follow their recommendations on how to cut down the amount of building defects. Common denominator for most common defects is that they are not visible in finished home but instead inside the structure. Only way to prevent these defects is to have proper quality assurance process while in active construction phase. Tips and advices are also applicable with log homes and cabins. Check some interesting and concrete findings at Quality Built homepage.

Mexico and U.S. agree on cement duties

Sunday, January 22nd, 2006

How this affects to log home industry? Granted, it may not have an effect at all, but it does lower alternative costs for log homes. Many people might give second thought for other options when making decision between log homes and any other homes. If you want to read the news, you can find an article over here.

Luxury log home for sale

Saturday, January 21st, 2006

The log home in question resides in New Zealand, so this opportunity is not for everyone. Auction will take place 15th of February, unless someone makes big enough offer before that. In any case, this is a good story to read through, because owners tell rather detailed history of their log home in this story.

All American Homes

Wednesday, January 11th, 2006

All American Homes has always been strong supporter and builder of systems-built homes. They function so that they pre-build the home on their manufacturing facility and then ship the sections to the construction site, where they are lifted on their place.

Systems-built sort of building is very fast because used methods and materials are familiar and standardized. All initial building takes place indoors so environment is also optimized and not affected by weather.

Overall time of building process can also be cut down, because foundation can be laid while actual home is being built elsewhere.

Now All American Homes is experiencing strong growth on their log home division - Ameri Log Homes. Off-location pre-building is the trend of log home industry and only a small percentage of log homes are built directly on the foundation spot. Ameri Log Homes fits this spot perfectly and I would expect them to grow faster than log home market in general. Original news.

New year (and resolutions)

Sunday, January 8th, 2006

For the year 2006 I am trying to write five posts per week on this site. Sometimes it will probably be bit less and sometimes bit more. For now I have been mostly writing about news related topics. Another goal for this year is to bring more factual information in form of articles. To sum it up, I will post more and better :)

American Log Homes Inc. blaze

Sunday, January 8th, 2006

There was a fire at American Log Homes Inc.’s property. News couldn’t report the extent of the blaze, but it appears to have been extinguished quickly. Also it wasn’t mentioned what was the purpose of the building, was it a mill or office. However this could very well postpone their log home deliveries. Company’s website doesn’t mention the fire, so are there anyone out there who have acquired a American Log Homes log home lately? Were your log home deliveries delayed?

Remodeling value benefits

Sunday, January 8th, 2006

Remodeling Magazine has an annual report in which they follow the cost vs. benefit factors of remodeling. Actual report costs but there is a briefing over here. There you can see, how much you could get your costs back were you to remodel your kitchen, bathroom, siding or windows. Some interesting results on how major kitchen remodeling gains more and more payback. This could mirror market development on how people have changed their attitudes and valuation towards kitchen. I know kitchen is the most functional room in our house, what about you?

Late bird finally catches the news

Sunday, January 8th, 2006

I just noticed that National Association of Home Builders had predicted coming slowdown on the housing market back in November. They comprise Housing Market Index, which showed that builders are getting bit cautious about new housing starts. Backlogs should carry industry well to this year. Analysts say that this could mean just a slight drop in total sales.

Seems like we have controlled cooling instead of dramatic crash. This bodes well for log home and log cabin owners as our choice of housing has certain image that will attract buyers, sellers and builders even on slower times. Market crash would hurt us too, but I am confident that log homes retain their value better than normal housing and mere slowdown still keeps us rather well-off.

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