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Auction at local log home manufacturer

Sunday, October 29th, 2006

Auctioning second quality log home kits and only tonight, the newspaper ad declared. Auction will be held at company’s premises so purchaser can check the merchandise. It was simple black and white text ad, tiny and cheap looking. Certainly it got masses moving. Mill yard was packed with people, and everybody was excited, but me or that’s how it looked like to me.

You see I wasn’t excited because starting price was set almost to the level of normal selling price. Because of all the commotion and tight scheduling, many people came unprepared and unknowing what they actually were trying to buy. As we all know, log homes and log cabins are rather unified products, so most log home companies try to differentiate themselves by introducing several packages, some including windows, doors, flooring, roofing, walls etc, some including just walls. It really is difficult to make an educated decision.

All kits were sold over retail price, but because it was an auction there were some amazing tie-ins with auctioned kits, including super value like flooring material. Clever business, which reminded me of supermarket in-store ads “Buy 2, just 2 euro” and when you check the price of one, it is actually 99 cents. Know what you are buying, and remember, all manufacturers have their special corner notch that is basically the same as with other manufacturers.

The Original Log Cabin Homes

Wednesday, October 25th, 2006

Just came to my mind that there is actually a big log cabin home manufacturer, which almost spells the name of this site. However, I am confident that aspiring log home owners won’t mix these two sites. After all, if people come here looking for log cabin homes, they will be guided to the Log Cabin Homes Ltd. or given information about log cabin homes in general. No manufacturing or sales competition here boys.

I would like to give all the possible kudos for the company for choosing such an excellent location – Rocky Mount. You can’t get more rustic, can you? I don’t know about you, but for a Finnish lad who never excelled in the geography of the U.S.A, Rocky Mount sounds a lot like Rocky Mountains. Glance at map proves my intuition wrong, but the labeling is already done. As I go to the company website, they follow their name and address with obligatory terms like tranquility, convenience, personal, tradition etc. I’m already sold to the idea of Log Cabin Homes.

As a private company, Log Cabin Homes doesn’t need to publish detailed financials. This is good, because they own a herd of buffalos, which double as company’s symbol, and having buffalos can be costly. One more thing, company was established as late as 1987 and therefore it doesn’t really belong to the group of traditional and old American companies.

My latest cabin!

Sunday, October 22nd, 2006

This little log cabin is the reason that kept me away from updating this site. I have come a long way from those match log cabins.


At the moment the cabin is weather locked, but I can’t show the pictures yet. They are on my new video camera and as my technology skills are rather lo-fi I haven’t been able to get the pictures out of camera quite yet.

The whole building process was full of surprising difficulties. One always expects them while building but there is always something that just doesn’t meet the expectations.

Well, this little log cabin is just a first step in a bigger plan. There are already plans for a large log home on this property. This current log home will function as a sauna. Location is just great, just 30 or so feet from the lake. Can’t wait to test bathe it.

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