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Log cabin kit lesson

Sunday, January 21st, 2007

I made one tiny mistake that stalled my log cabin project in which I used Honka log cabin kit. Now you can avoid making the same simple mistake.


We had this log cabin kit at warehouse, waiting for the day when our building license would come. Finally that day arrived and we were set to go. In a matter of couple of weeks the foundation stood proud and tall. We made it by our own hands, such a beautiful moment. It was time to start stacking up the logs, just open those airtight packages and walls are up in no time.

But wait… there’s something funny with the logs, looks like they are longer than our foundation. Some feverish measuring and foundation is exactly what it says in the blueprints. However, our logs are some fifty centimeters (about 20 inches) longer than they are supposed to be. What the…? Log cabin kit mill had made a friendly gesture and gave us more than we ordered for. To their defense I must say that they had a note inside the plastics, which read that logs are actually longer than in the blueprint… INSIDE the plastic covers, great! So my advice to you is to check your merchandise before long-term storage.

We sorted this unexpected difficulty with three pillars, which came to support the other end of the log cabin, like this:


AdSense save us

Thursday, January 18th, 2007

I seem to be in a downward spiral into the world of charity. I was reading Seth Godin’s post about smart non-profits and an idea came to me (surprising, I must confess). What if it would be possible to push Google from that passive “don’t be evil”- philosophy towards “do good”- philosophy? They could introduce an improvement into adsense, which would enable us to earmark a share of revenue to some fitting non-profit organization. We could just mind our own websites and adsense beneficiary would… well, benefit.

Now, about that list of 59 smart non-profit organizations. I support Kiva.


Tuesday, January 9th, 2007

Even nobody has been enthusiastic enough to take part into my link charity drive I’m still going to introduce a new category that highlights various charity organizations. I don’t know how I’m going to go about with this, but it could be something, which combines blog carnivals and linkdonating. Anyway, first I’ll follow through my current linkdonating project, and I’ll go from there.

List of charity linkers

Sunday, January 7th, 2007

All these people have linked to One House At A Time:

None yet.

Edit: this was January’s project and nobody notified me about their links to One House At A Time, hence no links here. February project is already doing bit better.

Be good

Sunday, January 7th, 2007

Yesterday I was minding my own business and surfing real estate sites. I happened to notice an advertisement that promoted One House At A Time charity. I have never been much of a charity person, but this one stopped me. It was about building houses for people who lost their home for hurricane Katrina.

After being stopped for quite some time, I started thinking. What if I drop my “don’t be evil attitude” and pick up a “do good attitude”. I want to be part of providing houses for those in need, and I want to do even more. Here’s my plan: I ask people to link to One House At A Time and as a reward I will link to their site and donate one dollar for One House At A Time project. I hope I won’t run out of money.

Edit: Oh, just a short addition, send me an email after you have the link up and I’ll add you to a list with everyone that has taken part into linking. Just use “loghomes” and my domain when you send the email.

Edit2: I will run this project until the end of January and I set a limit of 1000 dollars, in case there are thousands and thousands of people wanting to give a link to One House At A Time.

Edit3: Maybe this is the final edit move that I have to do. The rules are:

1. Email me the link to the page, where you give them a link and I will link to you.
2. I will give one dollar for One House At A Time for your link.

The future of log home business came to Finland

Saturday, January 6th, 2007

In the U.S. the log home industry has benefited from the strong economy and especially from the strong real estate market. At the same time, there has been some sort of revival of log home culture. Generation of baby-boomers is acquiring log cabins and log homes for retirement. Almost every established log home manufacturer is still alive and new players are emerging monthly. It has been all-out sunshine and none of that bad ultraviolet radiation.

How come any of that is even remotely related to Finland? It has been pretty much the same over here with the exception of our tiny home market. Finnish log home companies had to start exporting from early on to grow the business. Many companies were started to surf the latest money making trend. Unfortunately for our companies, the value of euro has been rocketing against U.S. dollar. This has made Finnish log cabins and log homes rather pricey compared to what they were before. Result – a severe drop in demand and therefore financial crisis.

Out-dated design makes a poor seller.

In coming years, I hope, U.S. foreign debt starts dropping and dollar will rebound. That is the time when foreign log cabin and log home manufacturers resurface U.S. markets as tough competitors. They have weathered difficult times by rationalizing their operations and improving their models. Quite a few U.S. log home manufacturer will be in serious rough in coming 5 to 10 years.

It arrived!

Friday, January 5th, 2007


I bought myself another log home book. This time it’s Jim Cooper’s Log Homes Made Easy. First I will read it and review will come shortly after finishing the book. First impressions are: workbook or handbook styled, lots of tables and sheets, down to earth…

I chose this book, because the previous book that I reviewed was builder orientated. This time I wanted to take another approach, the approach of a contractor. Here the most important aspect isn’t how to build but how to compare and buy the right stuff. Hope this book will answer that sort of questions.

Comments are open

Thursday, January 4th, 2007

I got tired fighting against a tidal wave of spammy comments so I turned them off and slept my nights like a baby.

However, I read this post at Lifehack.org and felt the nasty sting of a bad conscious. I think I should make it easier for you to interact with the stuff that I write.

It’s again comments open here at Loghomescabin, in case someone would like to ask a question or give a comment, without the hassle of writing an email to me. Now the next task waits ahead. I’d better write an introductory page where you can get all the necessary background information about me and this site.

Goals for the year 2007

Monday, January 1st, 2007

Here is a good visit if you are interested in real estate – BiggerPockets. They have a group writing project called “2007 Real Estate Goals Group Writing Project” that I want to be part of.

Related to log cabins and log homes, I have three goals that are worth to mention for the year 2007.

1. Complete the lakeside log cabin sauna.

This is the most time sensitive project that I have going at the moment. For the moment the sauna is in weather-locked state. It can manage these terrible weather conditions (constantly raining here) that Finland has had during this winter. However, it is pretty much out of use, as there is no floor, just the concrete foundation etc. I have to finish the inside work to be able to test it by Mid Summer. Future master log home that will be erected just next to the log cabin sauna is not on the to-do-list during this year since financial requirements are too massive. Possibly during 2008 or 2009, oh… who knows… Anyway, ask me how the sauna felt just after Mid Summer.

2. Complete an agent agreement with one Finnish log home company.
Being an agent has been one of my long-term goals and until now I haven’t been actively pushing this forward. During the 2007 I want to set this project in motion, anyway it will still be a long-term plan or could I say part of my lifestyle. I know majority of Finnish log home companies and I definitely have my favorites. My choice is among mid-sized players, because bigger companies already have extensive foreign sales network and smaller companies can’t provide enough support. Announcements should come before year’s end.

3. Find a nice piece of land for coming residential log home project.
I have a plan to build an urban log home for my family to live in. Since this is a permanent home location has to be perfect for all eternity. The picture on the top of my website comes pretty close but unfortunately is protected so building is forbidden. Tricky thing here is that finding the perfect place might happen or might not. I can only promise that I start to study available lots and get an accurate image of overall prices. Knowing the market makes coming decisions easier.

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