The Log Home Experience Carnival #2

Second episode for the carnival and it really shows that we don’t have long history doing this. I suppose it will take some time and keeping that in mind, original once a month schedule seems to be adequate. Starting from today the carnival will run first day of every month. For today’s episode I did get few submissions, but I could accept only one of them, others being way off topic (not bad, just off the topic). So what about the one that got through screening?

Shamelle from Enhance Life educates us on what to do with all those DVD’s that are lying around. Just the other day I found a CD case under my pillow, guess someone had been reading some lyrics… Some good tips for every household. Read the article at Enhance Life.

One Response to “The Log Home Experience Carnival #2”

  1. Shamelle
    September 2nd, 2008 05:35

    I am honored to be features as the only post in the carnival.

    Thank you

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