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My Dream Home - Group Writing Project still goes on

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

My first group writing project is now on final lap, but you still have this week to turn in your take on the subject. Two books related to green home building are up for grabs (let’s face it, not everybody wants to live in log dream home and those people might value general home book instead). Winner will be chosen randomly and right now chances are pretty good, because there are only two people who have followed the instructions and submitted their dream homes. Here they are by the way Em Dy and Kreez - thanks guys!

RSS contest update

Sunday, July 13th, 2008

These two weeks I have surprised myself by being able to write rather constantly, which is a definitive improvement over previous one and half year absence. Kick-start for such a U-turn in my ways was a fun little contest called Blogging Idol, you really have to go and check the logo on Daniel’s site. The contest is about increasing the RSS subscriber count during one month. Well, I didn’t even have RSS-subscription button, so I added one and now I seem to have two loyal readers :)

I haven’t done anything special to explode my numbers, except writing few posts and adding a call to action (subscribe to my feed) to couple of posts. Still, I am really happy to my development, this has done lot of good for the site already, and looks like I can keep it going. Future plans regarding the contest are to post regularly and nothing more. Oh yeah, having run the site for years without any monetization, I acted on a whim (John Chow’s post about Kontera) and added Kontera contextual advertising on the site. It will probably take a year to earn enough money to cover domain cost. I don’t even dream about

There has been one major setback though, before this recent revitalization, site got about 50 unique visitors per day, but now with my sudden burst of new content and selective dead link cleaning… I’m close to zero search engine visitors. Goodbye organic traffic from Google, luckily Yahoo traffic still remains. Oh, go figure. So, time for the next log home post.

Looking for a Finnish log home

Thursday, July 10th, 2008

So I took a glance on visitor data and what do I see, most of the people arriving to Log Homes Cabin are looking for “log homes from Finland”. I have to admit the focus of this site might have been Finnish log homes, but I guess it really is more about log homes industry in general. This got me thinking and then doing.

Now the list of Finnish log home and log cabin manufacturers is more complete. I’ll still tune it a bit in coming couple of days. I also have plenty of material on some of the companies on that list, so writing few detailed company histories is in the works. But don’t expect me to write books, I’m nowhere near that level.

First linkdonating partner

Thursday, February 8th, 2007

The first linker is a non-governmental organization, called The Urgenta Foundation. Following is an excerpt from their website: “The Urgenta Foundation is a Dutch non-profit volunteer charity organization (NGO) engaged in community development aid to Eastern European developing countries like Romania and Moldova.

As you can see, this is a perfect match as through Kiva one can micro-finance projects in Eastern Europe. I know this might not bring much added value for those of you that are surfing this site because of log homes, but I promise it will remain the main focus of the site.

Ok, one dollar going for Kiva and 999 more pending, deadline being the last of February. Then it is time to change the project. Let’s see how much we get to donate in links and in money.

Do companies care?

Sunday, February 4th, 2007

I remember the first time that I was dealing with Americans. Whenever I met people on the street that I knew, they said, “Hi, how are you doing?” I stopped there in the middle of the road “Well, now that you asked…” but they didn’t stop neither looked back they just kept on walking to the opposite direction. I wondered why they pretended to be interested but then just walked away?

That above memory came to my mind when I was reading an article at Seth Godin. He tells an example about corporate communication that sets expectations high. If you listen to the customer but don’t act accordingly, you will leave them standing on the street wondering whether to keep on walking or running after a real communication.

For few times I have sat in a development meeting where customer feedback has been the topic of the day. Just as many times the conclusion of those meetings has been that we need to change our marketing communication to better fit the image that customers have on us. We promised to deliver in seven days, but too often the delivery was few days late. Solution: we started to talk about two weeks as a delivery time. Problem solved. My experience is that customer feedback rarely changes business operations.

The difficulty of inspiring others

Thursday, February 1st, 2007

Nobody emailed me about linking to the One House At A Time organization. It is really hard to get people aboard on something, even if it is good. We could be so busy with our lives that there is time for reading the web not for doing the web.

Anyhow, February’s linkdonating target is Kiva. For me this word is especially nice, because in Finnish it means “nice”. I must say that this non-profit is Kiva indeed. Rules are basically the same as before:

1. Link to Kiva
2. Email me and point me to that link
3. I will link to you
4. I will donate one US dollar for Kiva for your link
5. I will write about your site

The fifth rule is there to further sweeten the pot. So you get to donate one dollar, you get a link and an article about your site. Do good.

AdSense save us

Thursday, January 18th, 2007

I seem to be in a downward spiral into the world of charity. I was reading Seth Godin’s post about smart non-profits and an idea came to me (surprising, I must confess). What if it would be possible to push Google from that passive “don’t be evil”- philosophy towards “do good”- philosophy? They could introduce an improvement into adsense, which would enable us to earmark a share of revenue to some fitting non-profit organization. We could just mind our own websites and adsense beneficiary would… well, benefit.

Now, about that list of 59 smart non-profit organizations. I support Kiva.


Tuesday, January 9th, 2007

Even nobody has been enthusiastic enough to take part into my link charity drive I’m still going to introduce a new category that highlights various charity organizations. I don’t know how I’m going to go about with this, but it could be something, which combines blog carnivals and linkdonating. Anyway, first I’ll follow through my current linkdonating project, and I’ll go from there.

List of charity linkers

Sunday, January 7th, 2007

All these people have linked to One House At A Time:

None yet.

Edit: this was January’s project and nobody notified me about their links to One House At A Time, hence no links here. February project is already doing bit better.

Be good

Sunday, January 7th, 2007

Yesterday I was minding my own business and surfing real estate sites. I happened to notice an advertisement that promoted One House At A Time charity. I have never been much of a charity person, but this one stopped me. It was about building houses for people who lost their home for hurricane Katrina.

After being stopped for quite some time, I started thinking. What if I drop my “don’t be evil attitude” and pick up a “do good attitude”. I want to be part of providing houses for those in need, and I want to do even more. Here’s my plan: I ask people to link to One House At A Time and as a reward I will link to their site and donate one dollar for One House At A Time project. I hope I won’t run out of money.

Edit: Oh, just a short addition, send me an email after you have the link up and I’ll add you to a list with everyone that has taken part into linking. Just use “loghomes” and my domain when you send the email.

Edit2: I will run this project until the end of January and I set a limit of 1000 dollars, in case there are thousands and thousands of people wanting to give a link to One House At A Time.

Edit3: Maybe this is the final edit move that I have to do. The rules are:

1. Email me the link to the page, where you give them a link and I will link to you.
2. I will give one dollar for One House At A Time for your link.

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