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The Log Home Experience Carnival #2

Monday, September 1st, 2008

Second episode for the carnival and it really shows that we don’t have long history doing this. I suppose it will take some time and keeping that in mind, original once a month schedule seems to be adequate. Starting from today the carnival will run first day of every month. For today’s episode I did get few submissions, but I could accept only one of them, others being way off topic (not bad, just off the topic). So what about the one that got through screening?

Shamelle from Enhance Life educates us on what to do with all those DVD’s that are lying around. Just the other day I found a CD case under my pillow, guess someone had been reading some lyrics… Some good tips for every household. Read the article at Enhance Life.

The Log Home Experience Carnival #1

Sunday, August 17th, 2008

It’s the first edition of The Log Home Experience carnival and everything is new and exciting. I’m thinking that once a month rotation could be enough for this topic. Log home industry is large and growing fast, but we who are enthusiastic about log homes and cabins - well - we tend to be there on that older end of human timeline. Now this means that our segment in internet is not flooded with personal blogs and websites, which cover log homes and log cabins.

In the future, I am planning to run this carnival so that deadline for submissions will be the end of every month and then publish the carnival in the beginning of the next month. So this edition is actually practice for the future editions. Luckily we have two submissions so there actually will be a carnival for you to read. I’m sure we manage include handful of articles per edition as the carnival matures.

Submission acceptance will be far and wide, but articles that are submitted clearly for the link only will not be included. I’ll personally inform all those who are accepted and include a short description of the submitted article as well as link to the original article. If your product, article or website matches the topic of my personal blog, I just might do a separate post about it.


Today we have two articles, which represent nearly opposite ends of the life cycle of any log home or log cabin. We start from log home building school philosophies by Benjamin Kleber posted here at Log Homes Cabin. We end the carnival with a submission from Alex at Tbo-Tech blog about protecting our log home from uninvited guests during vacations. Also you should check Alex’s post on keeping bears away from your property. That’s all for now folks, check back for coming carnivals.

Carnival - The Log Home Experience

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

Dear All, I set up a carnival about log homes so that we can give and get more visibility for this wonderful industry. Anything goes as long as it has something to do with log homes.

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