Another group writing project

I was quite content with my first group writing project and now that the first is done with, it is time to get back on that horse. This time I’ll have better price and it’s even more tailored for log home enthusiasts. I’m still in the middle of setting up all the details, but maybe you would like to give me an idea on how to do it.

Here’s how I’m planning to do it. Many blogs run competitions to which one can take part by writing comments on those competition post or by writing related post on their own post and then linking to the competition post. Now, links are important to any website so those outside posts get more weight when determining the winner.

Done with that introductory stuff already, let’s get into the prize after all that’s what it’s all about, eh? This time I’m going to give out something extremely valuable - custom floor plan design!

For a person in the beginning of their log home project, planning is the key to successful outcome. Floor plan design is especially crucial for comfortable living experience. Usually custom design costs separately or is included to log home price as an extra cost. Full custom design can cost anywhere between 500 USD and 5 000 USD. Now you get it free!

No matter what stage you are in, be it pen and paper in your drawer, some scribbles on a matchbox or basic floor plan from any house manufacturer in the world, now it’s your time. I will discuss with you, take your ideas and make them into a floor plan of your dreams. Too good to be true?

Yes. I have time limit. I won’t be continuing with your project until the end of world’s oil reserves, I’ll set the deadline to 1st of June so we have more than half a year for your floor plan.

I also have a schedule limit. I’m working with various log home projects and as a free work, this one has to face shelfing at busy times. Practically this means that sometimes I’m not able to get back to you immediately.

Oh, one more thing, stadiums are really not my cup of tea. So, no stadiums.

This time we are going to do something very simple. Write about your favorite room and link back to this group writing project. If you don’t have a blog, just write your say to comments below. I’ll compile a list of all submissions and put them online and in process we all learn what is important to us. Project is on and ends fifth of October.

One Response to “Another group writing project”

  1. Em Dy
    September 19th, 2008 12:34

    My favorite room is where the computer, TV or DVD is. Entertainment is important to me!

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